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Your eyes are your most important facial feature. If you are spot on, then you lift your entire face up but if you go wrong then you you literally take all the attention away from you face.

The area under eye plays the most vital role in your overall look. And the best way to reduce shadows or dark areas under your eyes is to treat them naturally.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated,
  2. Keep it moisturized at all times
  3. Get plenty of sleep. I say Fight for it! Die for it!

But for many young women getting enough sleep is not that easy. So what do we do to make sure that we don’t look like Zombies. But instead awake and fresh  The answers is simple – “Let’s Makeup“!



Do’s & Don’t’s:

 1. Do use a concealer that is two times lighter than your skin shade
This will brighten up the area under your eyes . However, if you want to cover/conceal some spots on your face don’t apply three-times lighter shade to your face, as that will draw more attention to the problem areas. Instead use the same shade as your skin color

2. Do use Peach based concealers/corrector for Medium to Dark Skin tones
This will really reduce the green and blue in that area

3. Don’t use pale & super luminous concealer if you are tan skinned (like most of us)
It will make your under eye area turn grey and bring more attention to your problem areas

4. Do look up and then look down whilst applying the concealer
It will stretch the fine lines under and your concealer will go on smoothly

5. Do use a powder to set your concealer and prevent it from creasing  

Ways to apply the concealer


1. Brush
It is really important to get that concealer in to the inner most part of your eyes and close to the lash line.  So for that precise application the brush becomes utterly necessary, with very light sweeping motion. For that “Kim Kardashain Highlight”, you can take your concealer all the way to your cheek bones & towards the temple area. Then you can blend the edges using fingers.

 2. Fingers
Using the concealer wand apply the concealer just under your eyes in those dark areas and very lightly tap your concealer in to the skin. Always remember to use a light hand when dabbing and pressing your concealer in to your fine lines other wise you can easily move the concealer away.

3. Sponge
Apply a generous amount of concealer with wand available with your product and make a inverted V under your eye. Don’t worry if you go overboard with that concealer because a damp sponge or a mini beauty blender will absorb all that in. use bouncing motion to blend. 


  1. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
  2. Urban Decay Creamy Concealer
  3. YSL Touch e’ Clat
  4. Kryolan TV Sticks
  5. Mac 215
  6. Any Small Sponge or Beauty Blender


About the author 

Tania Mehsum – Wife. Mother. Makeup Artist @ Tania Makeup is the Upcoming, On Trend, & In-Style Pro – Makeup Artist. She brings a breath of fresh air to the Singapore Makeup Trend.

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