Kérastase Hair Coach smart hairbrush launched just as we stepped into 2017, and well, it is to date, the smartest of all Hair Brushes. Guess what! an inherent amplifier records the sound of you brushing your hair, and together with the pack of sensors, gathers information like recurrence of strokes and brushing designs. It then sends that data to an application where you can take in more about your hair sort and wellbeing (it gives an every day hair breakage score), in addition to get item suggestions from Kérastase.


In case you’re brushing too hard, the handle will vibrate telling you to relax.

isn’t that just WOW?

Here is all you need to know about Kérastase Hair Coach Smart HairBrush:

1. It has a receiver.

A minor amplifier implanted between the plastic abounds distinguishes the sound of the brush tines working through your strands. That sound-related information is transmitted to a versatile application, where a savvy calculation dissects the measurements to recognize crimpedness, dryness, split closures and breakage. Excessively numerous obstacles and tears, and, through the application, you’ll likely be incited to begin saturating more. Excessively luxurious of a stroke and possibly things are getting excessively oily.

2. It can tell if your hair is wet or dry.

Modest little conductivity sensors can tell whether the hair is wet or dry, which is cool, additionally critical. By recognizing wet or dry strands, the sensors can give criticism to the information gathered by the receiver—hello, this hair is really wet!— yielding a more exact gauge perusing inside the application.

3. The handle has favor apparatuses like an accelerator, a spinner, and 3 pivot stack cells.

The accelerometer measures how quick you’re brushing the hair in brush strokes, which would have been exceptionally useful for Marsha Brady. The gyrator measures how commandingly you brush, and the exceptional cells catch the development of the hair in 3-D. The greater part of this information is nourished back to the application, which thusly makes altered proposals. In case you’re brushing too quick, too hard, or concentrating on simply the roots, the brush will know and guide you to rectify those propensities.

4. It’s a vibrator.

Alright, not so much. Be that as it may, the handle really vibrates, giving you haptic criticism—or a genuine tangible heartbeat, sort of like the way the iPhone screen feels when it vibrates—when brushing. In case you’re brushing too energetically through those bothersome tangles, you may get a delicate buzz that instructs you to ease up a bit.


5. The greater part of the data is put away conveniently in the application.

The application is truly where things get fascinating. The application scores hair breakage after some time, gives customers input on brushing propensities and climate, and offers suggestions of Kérastase items and schedules.

That is one method for saying if it’s damp and you’re raking through wet hair like it’s tumbleweed, your brush will know, snitch to the application, and give you a little suggestion to get back on track.



So what are you waiting for? get your hands of this Smart Brush and change the way you brush your hair forever!

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