Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty Regime

Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her glowing skin and shiny, bouncy hair. Hailing from Sri Lanka, a country which prides itself in its natural resources, the The Body Shop ambassador swears by vitamin-infused and deliciously fruity products for her daily skincare regime.

Jacqueline Fernandez spa therapies

Q: What’s an age-old beauty trick you learnt from your mum?
Jacqueline Fernandez: Local oils for the hair and skin – it’s really helped me maintain the texture of my skin and the thickness of my hair. I would swear by oil.

Q: A specific oil that you use for your hair and skin?
JF: I’ve grown up using a lot of coconut oil. Most people are reluctant about using too much oil as they feel that it might be too heavy on their hair and skin, but The Body Shop’s new Oils Of Life range is super absorbent and comes with a lot of healing and moisturising properties.

Q: What’s your favourite off-duty look?
JF: I love wearing dresses and baggy shirts on my days off. I usually just apply a BB cream and dab on some tinted lip balm. Even when you’re off-duty, it’s important to keep yourself looking and feeling good.

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Q: Your skin always looks glowing and healthy. What do you do to keep it that way?
JF: Glowing skin has a lot more to do with what you’re feeding it rather than make-up. There are a lot of amazing products with vitamin C and vitamin E, that are abundant in antioxidants which are essential for healthy, glowing skin.

Q: Are you more of bright lips or a nude lips person?
JF: Bright lips. I love a rose pink lipstick.

Q: Who’s your all-time favourite beauty icon?
JF: Grace Kelly.

Q: A beauty hack you follow to keep your skin hydrated – besides drinking water?
JF: It’s very important to ensure the products that you use include seed oil or you can even eat chia seeds or flax seeds which hydrate and revitalise the skin quite effectively.

Q: What’s your idea of comfort?
JF: Spa indulgence. I love exfoliating scrubs, masks and baths – the whole routine! They leave your skin feeling so soft and supple.

Q: How do you detox your skin and hair after a long shoot schedule?
JF: Cleansing is very important. You need to make sure that you cleanse your skin and hair properly and include a lot of antioxidants in your entire beauty routine. Eating citrus fruits helps flush out toxins from your body, and if you use creams and cleansers with vitamin C, those help as well.

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Q: What kind of hair fix do you treat yourself to over the weekend?
JF: A nice hot oil massage does wonders for your hair. The Body Shop has a really nice coconut oil which is great for the hair. If you don’t like oil, hair butter is nice as well. A hair spa once a week is a must.

Q: You also have a great brows. Any grooming tips for the less fortunate?
JF: I leave my eyebrows quite natural. I think you should groom them on your own and stay close to your natural shape – never take off too much! There’s a lovely youthful appeal to fuller brows.