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I’m Dark and I Know It!


Why do we have to find all the rishta aunties looking for “fair and lovely” kind of girls?

Why is tall “DARK” and handsome only for reserved men?

Why are all the fancy songs about “gora rang”?


But more than all the “chittiyaan kalaaiyaan” talk, people reminding me of my skin tone (as if I am not already aware of it) literally pisses me off. I have always found my skin tone to be very attractive, irrespective of what others feel about it. While half of the world spends a good amount on buying tanning products, the eastern world just cant stop criticizing it!

So, Dear all, I’m tired of hearing all these things, I’M DARK AND I KNOW IT!


If you’re dark toned like me, here are some amazing come backs next time someone says something you are tired of hearing:

Skin Tone isn’t that big of a deal.

oh-kay! mind telling me, why then did you bring it up in the first place bitch?


Dont Worry, You’re Pretty

Huh! I know bruh


Have you tried XYZ product?

I think you need it more than I do


Why are you so sensitive about your color?

Because you won’t let me forget I was dark


Oh I just got a sun tan, and its horrible.

okay ladies, I am darker than you. stop reminding me my mama din drink enough pomegranate juice while having me


This doesn’t suit your shade

So what does then? Your useless opinion?


Don’t reject marriage proposals, since your dark and may never find the perfect one



Put on makeup

Even for a slumber party?


Haye, paida te gori hoyi si, ae ki hogaya?

Aunty jee the pollution did this to me


Stop whining!!

hahah! I am just being dark