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If you wear a Hijab, then you must check out these hair care tips


So what if you cover your hair? They still need your attention, Especially when its summer time

It is very important to focus on your hair just as much as you focus on your face

Not only because your hair are a vital part of your body and well every inch of you – covered or uncovered deserves to be taken care of – but also because this negligence can result into serious hair loss.

As opposed to mainstream thinking, wearing a hijab doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t put in effort to nourish them. When tied up for a long time, unexposed to air and subjected to a lot of sweat, hair can actually be deprived of life.

To cater to the needs of your hair under hijab in summers, here are a few things you must bear in mind:

Avoid Nylon and Polyester

Use scarves made of cotton or fabrics that let your hair breathe through your hijab. Chiffons or viscose too, help keep hair alive in summers. Long hours with zero air inlet may cause death of follicles and hence hairfall.

Wash, Massage & Dry Properly

Often Hijabis neglect their hair when taking showers as they dont feel the need to use particular shampoos or conditioners. Yet it is of immense importance to wash your hair properly and regularly as hijabs can be suffocating for hair follicles and sweaty scalp may be home to many microorganisms that must be washed off.

Massage your hair before, during and after the wash to boost volume. Dry your dair and never tie them up when wet as retaining the moisture of damp hair under the hijab results in foul smelling hair, dandruff outbreak and of course LICE!!!!!

Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brushing helps increase blood circulation which can be extremely useful for hijabis to counter the effect of hair scrunching for hours. Brushing your hair regularly will provide ample nutrients to your scalp and nourish your hair even when you have deprived them of natural air, moisture and sunlight for days.

Sunlight is Your Savior

Given that you wear hijab essentially throughout the day, odds are your hair and scalp most likely don’t see much daylight. So we recommend you to open up the blinds and drapes in your home and sit in the sunniest part of the house on weekends at least. Vitamin D is fundamental for the hair and scalp, and on the grounds that you keep your hair covered under the hijab doesn’t imply that your hair can’t get any of the most essential Vitamins! So let in the sun, and dose up some beams for your hair to live.

Chop Regularly

No need for trimming just because you wear a hijab is, a concept you need to get over, ASAP! Regardless of whether you’re showing it off or not, trimming your hair every 3-4 months must be adopted like a prescribed medication. it is just to dispose of the split ends that dont make an appearance because you have it all covered.

So what if nobody else gets the opportunity to see your hair, don’t disregard trimming them because that can actually be fatal for your hair.