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Huda Beauty Masterclass Vs Dress Your Face Masterclass


A lot of people have been asking me to compare the two makeup masterclasses I attended. Huda Beauty and Dress Your Face.

Before I begin, I intend not to defame anyone neither am I related to either of the two.


Huda and Mona Kattan
Huda and Mona Kattan

Location: Sofitel Hotel-Dubai, UAE
Class Fee: 4,900 AED ($1,340 USD)
Duration: 13:00 to 19:30
Goody Bag: Massive Goody Bag with over $1000 worth of goodies

The Class

Prior to the class there was a lot of free stuff outside from the sponsors. Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Doll House Dubai. From Manicures to Henna Tattoos and  hairstyling. We were told to take our seats inside this hall but weren’t allowed anywhere in the first five rows as they were reserved for special guests and close friends of The Kattan family. Some felt that wasn’t fair as they had paid a lot to get into the class. The class started on time and the whole Kattan family was there to support each other, which I think is great. People had flown in from all over the world for the class, some just for the day. Huda taught one look on a young model (She must be around 19-23)with two breaks in between. She answered questions throughout the class while doing her model’s makeup. Huda’s way of teaching was different, I personally think that if you’re already a pro makeup artist, you don’t need this class. But if you wanna do it for fun and the experience, by all means, go for it! On request, she did two other looks (a winged eyeliner and an everyday makeup look) by the time the class ended people were quite tired. We were given tokens to collect our goody bags but some people objected to that as they had flights to catch right after the class. After a long wait and slight chaos people started queuing up to receive their goody bags. While others were told to qeue for getting pictures taken with Huda and Mona. By the time we got done it was actually 9pm. Got our goody bags and certificates and rushed back! Overall I’d say it was a good experience to see Huda live and getting the chance to meet and learn from her. She is a sweetheart. But would I go back for the next class? I’m not sure to be honest.



Tamanna Roashan
Tamanna Roashan

Location: Conrad Hotel,-Dubai,UAE
Class Fee: $550 to $1050 USD
Duration: 13:00 to 18:00
Goody Bag: A decent goody bag with some great products Worth over $1,000 USD

The Class

Tamanna personally met with people prior to the class and was sweet enough to take photos with everyone and chat with them. Her team was very professional, everyone was given their goody bags before the class so they could avoid any sort of confusion later. I think that was great. What was also good about Tamanna’s class was that there were three different categories for the class fee, $550, $650 and $1050. So everyone didn’t have to pay the same amount. The class started on time with no delay. Again, people had flown in from all over the world (literally) just for this class. The model was around 30-ish, which I think was good because we could all relate to her more as opposed to a younger model. Tamanna was great, her style of teaching is absolutely amazing. She was hands on and answered everyone’s questions during the class. Her way of speaking with her audience was also commendable, there were jokes and laughs but at the same time it was educational as well. She made it seem so easy! She shared all her product information and not just her sponsors’. I honestly felt that I was learning something. She taught her signature  cut-crease and double cut-crease looks as requested by the students. With Two short breaks we were done by 1800 and had enough time to meet with her and take pictures as well. The class was fun and Tamanna is so full of energy that no one got bored. Will I go back to a Dress Your Face Class? Hell yeah! Not even gonna think twice!
Hope this helps and answers your questions guys. Do leave your feedback.

Over and Out xo xo