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Highlighting and Highlight


No matter what kind of love you share for makeup, you probably are familiar with the term ‘highlight’; and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this post, highlighting and highlight

Difference between ‘highlighting’ and ‘highlight’:

Mostly people relate the two,considering it the same thing whereas these are quite different.  If not in nature than surely in meaning.Highlighting means to bring forward a certain area of face using either powder or cream(something that has shimmer in it preferably)whereas to use a concealer or foundation lighter than your skin colour is to ‘highlight‘ the area. 

Highlighting is usually done under the eyes,in the centre of forehead,on the bridge of the nose,centre of chin. It is more subtle and natural looking because of the products use whereas highlighting using a highlighter isnt natural(of course you can’t call yourself a natural beauty if you have something glittery gleamy shinning on your face!!)

I am a highlight freak myself and love the effect it gives to the face. It lifts the entire makeup and no look is ever complete without it, honestly. 

There are so many great highlighters that compliment many skin tones so beautifully. I cant ever pick my favourites as they keep changing and a girl can never have too much of anything specially makeup,but still I’ll try to narrow down some of my favourites here:

  • MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish soft and gentle
  • Becca shimmering skin perfectors in Champagne Pop
  • Becca shimmering skin perfectors in Opal and Moonstone
  • NARS Albatross
  • Hour Glass’ Ambient lighting powders(you’ll really love these if you’re more into subtle highlighting)
  • Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks in Nectar
  • Too Faced Candlelight Glow 

Hope you had fun reading this and learnt something new about makeup! 

Remember beauties,  makeup is fun so play around and experiment, see what looks best on you and most importantly always DO YOU!!


Aisha Azim ( Follow Aisha on Instagram @aisha.azim for more beauty and makeup updates!)