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How to highlight your skin without looking shiny


We all love a bit of expert advice, especially if it stops us from making the beauty mistakes we’ve been long guilty of. Speaking of! While we can safely say that we own great illuminating products, when we actually go to apply it, we’re a little puzzled as to where exactly it should go. And once we’ve braved actually applying it, it can often look wet and sweaty, rather than glow-y.

Well, we’re here to stop that from happening and give you some tips, people! Make-up artist and glow queen Ania Milczarczyk tells us how to nail that dewy look and avoid just looking sweaty.

Not the order of your usual before and after makeup photos. Before you think about makeup think about your skin. People are always asking me how to get a natural glowing base… healthy skin. Makeup always looks better on happy hydrated skin. I'm so surprised to hear how many of my girlfriends don't look after their faces (two of them will know exactly who they are when reading this haha they're always getting in trouble from me) I love makeup and all but gosh it's really got to come off. My mum taught me ages ago to wash my face before bed so now no matter how tired I am or what a big night I've had 100% of the time I go through my whole face washing ritual (which I'm about to put up on Insta Story) I've been using @dermalogicaaus 's new precleanse balm as it removes all residue of any makeup and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and I love the little exfoliation mitt because my skin really soaks up my foundation. Give your skin a break- keep it clean, moisturised and protected from the sun and I promise you your makeup will look ten times better.

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Of course, we’d love to know what an expert uses herself when creating an illuminated look. “I have many products I love for creating dewy skin” says Ania, who lists Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser (Rs 4,043 at Skingene) and Tom Ford’s Illuminating Powder Duo (Rs 5,328 at Tom Ford) among some of her favourites. Ania also recommends any highlighting product by Becca Cosmetics. “They have a powder, a liquid and a creamy pot of highlighter, and I’ll use all three depending on the look I’m going for.”

But a perfect glow doesn’t just begin and end with great product. The key to achieving that dewy look is to know where, and where not, to apply your product. “I don’t think there are products to avoid so much as there are positions on the face to avoid,” says Ania. Yes, highlighting can give you a radiant and youthful look, but this glowy look can turn oily quickly if you apply it to particular areas.


So where should you avoid applying your highlighting products? “Try to avoid the chin, the area around the top lip, the cheeks close to the nose and the centre of the forehead,” says Ania. And what are the best points on the face to apply your product for that flawless glow? “I love to keep it mainly on the cheek bones, brow bones and inner corners of the eyes,” says Ania. “Another little spot to always remember is the Cupid’s bow on your top lip.”


Once you’ve successfully pinpointed the correct areas to highlight, you’ll also want to make sure you’re applying each product correctly to achieve a flawless glow. “My preferred method for applying highlight depends on the product I’m using,” says Ania. “When using powder illuminators, I love using big fluffy brushes to ensure it’s perfectly blended with no lines or patches, and when using creams or liquids, I always use my fingertips.”

But a little piece of advice from Ania: You’ll want to first apply your illuminated tinted moisturiser over your cheeks, forehead and nose as a base and subtle highlight, and only go in with your illuminator at the end of your make-up application. And if these products don’t give you enough shine alone, you can lightly dab some oil over the areas you would like more glowy.


As a final tip, Ania cannot stress enough how important a great skincare routine is when trying to achieve illuminated skin. “I think 80% of a flawless illuminated make-up is skin care,” says Ania. “Healthy, hydrated and happy skin looks best in make-up. Your make-up shouldn’t hide or cover your skin.” So instead of relying only on make-up to give yourself a glow, she believes that giving your skin a head start by creating that natural glow is important, so that way all you’re doing is emphasising a glow you already have.