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Hair Extensions 101


By Ammara Mohal

Hair is such an important part of our personality. No look is complete without an appropriate hair style. However, unfortunately our lives today have become so hectic that we rarely have the sort of time required to make elaborate hairstyles or properly look after our hair. This results in many of us ending up with short hair. Therefore I thought of writing about hair extensions . I have found the perfect ones for myself. So I thought of sharing my experience with you guys. Hope it helps some of you out there, wanting to try out hair extensions.

There are few very important steps to look out for in finding your dream locks. First and foremost would be finding the same color as your actual hair, the closer the match the more natural and beautiful your hair will look. If you have highlighted hair look for extensions with more than one shade. Another neat little trick is stacking two different colored extensions at the same time to give it a very seamless and natural look.

 Look for extensions which are easier to put on by yourself. We can’t always run to a salon or a professional every time we want a little extra oomph! in our hair so look for extensions with tiny clips attached to their bands. The hair clips can be easily pinned in the hair with or without back combing.

 The thickness of the band is also an important factor to consider before investing in hair extensions. If you have very fine hair it is recommended that you buy hair extensions with smaller bands so your actual hair can camouflage the extensions super well.  

Lastly taking good care of your extensions is essential too. I personally place them back in the pack and put a hairnet around them as to avoid any damaging and tangling of the extensions.

Ammara is a freelance makeup artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. You can follow Ammara on Instagram @ammaramohal