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Good Hair Day Every Day – Is It Really Possible?


I think the word “good hair ” is enough to grab your attention. Why? We will tell you why. How many of you can relate to these scenarios?

Scenario #1

Imagine the day arrives when you are supposed to go to an event you have been looking forward to. You have been planning about it for weeks, your dress, shoes, accessories.. all carefully matched. every thing is on spot until you pick up the comb..

There you go! Your hair have decided to ruin your day.. There is no turning back now….

Scenario #2

You have no plans for the day and this is how your hair are…

…so perfect that you decide to go out ONLY because you have a what we call “GOOD HAIR DAY”

Scenario #3

Or you recently got a cut for an event and you hair look like they have been randomly cut by you when you were drunk. ESPECIALLY ON THE DAY OF EVENT!

Scenario #4

Then there are days when you didn’t have a haircut, yet your hair give that perfect “layered look”.

So what actually is the mystery or RATHER chemistry behind this weird behavior?

It is all about how we treat our hair. Sometimes we are mistreating our hair without even realizing it. Hence they become unpredictable and turn into zombie hair.

So here we are to tell you the quick tips and tricks to avoid these scenarios and have a happy healthy relationship with your hair.

Brush your hair daily and invest on a good quality comb

It is crucially important because you scalp produces healthy oil that needs to be reached to the tips. This helps the hair to moisturize and nourish.

Say no to chemical treatments

Constant chemical stress by dyeing them or to tame them is going to be harmful for you in the long run. Avoid it.

Constant blow drying and straightening are very harmful 

Opting for an easy to handle hairstyle is preferable over baking your hair with so much heat.

Just because they say oiling is good, doesn’t mean that you have to slather your hair with it.

Every hair has different nourishment requirement. UNDERSTAND them and apply accordingly.

Your hair needs trimming every other month.

No need to spend so much for trimming. Get a nice barber’s scissors and learn to do it yourself. There are zillions of online tutorials available to learn from.

For healthy hair, ALWAYS opt for home remedies.

They might not have immediate effects but they will nourish your hair better than those crazy expensive chemical treatments.

“You are what you eat”

YES, that applies to your hair too, they take nourishment from your food. GOOD FOOD, GREAT HAIR.

Whether or not to shampoo, is a long debate without any conclusion.

While the hair experts work on concluding this debate, observe the nature of your hair if they need daily shampooing. This largely depends on the type of weather and environment your hair has to face on daily basis. If you face dust, heat and sweat, then daily shampooing is a must for you to keep your scalp clean.

On a serious note, your hair plays a vital role in your overall appearance. Learn to love them and take care of them on daily basis by following those simple yet very important steps towards healthy tresses.