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Five Beauty Resolutions To Make This New Year


Before getting started, the thing that should be kept in mind is “be consistent” with every small action or good work you do. A new year is just around the corner. Let’s list down your new year resolutions on a small piece of paper and try harder to achieve your targets. Hang that piece of paper anywhere, it can be your wardrobe, a wall of kitchen, your writing table or any place where you would see it daily and keep reminding yourself to attain your goals. You can also set a reminder in your cell phone so that every time you forget about it, a motivating message pops out to revitalize you all again 🙂

Drink Ample Water

Water is the blood of life. Your skin, body, hair, health, all the systems regulating in your body, all depend on water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily and consciously. You will find yourself fresh and active.

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Watch Out Your Sleep

Do you have dark circles or do you often grumble about headache or meaningless frustration?  Ponder over your sleeping pattern. Having a sound sleep timely will wipe off your every complain of restlessness and you will definitely feel lively.

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Use Mustard Oil in Your Navel

Surprised? Have you ever given it a try? If no, then go ahead and see marvels. Your belly button is a home of a lot of germs that can cause different diseases. Applying mustard oil once in a week or after every two or three days at night before going to sleep removes dryness of your lips, eliminate cold and flu, cure liver ailments and make your skin glow.

Use Sunscreen Everyday

Before going outside apply sunscreen that goes with your skin tone to prevent tan or sunburn. Love your skin and show it by caring about it, as a result it will surely make you feel gorgeous.

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Wash Your Face & Feet Before Going To Bed

Make it a habit to wash your face and feet with cold water before going to bed, it will keep you away from ailments plus keep your skin glowing.

I know it’s not a piece of cake to develop good habits and give up bad ones but the people who remain persistent are always the victors.

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