Dilip Kumar – A Tribute

Dilip Kumar, one of India’s most famous actors, has died in Mumbai at the age of 98.

A true legend, Kumar acted in more than 65 films over five decades, and he played roles that ranged from the iconic to the endearing.

I grew up watching Dilip Kumar’s Films with my parents- I remember Abu loved “Aan” specifically- Yeh Mera Deewanapan hai, “Urein Jab Jab Zulfein Teri” , “Dil me Chupa Ke” were just some of our favourite songs from his films.

As a child, I assumed him to be a handsome unknown relative who I had never met, like an uncle who lived abroad. Everything about him looked so familiar.

One of the reasons I thought of him as my relative was also because all my uncles and aunts had met him whenever he visited Pakistan. They had hosted him at several occasions. So there were always family photo albums which Dilip Kumar Sahab was part of.

Dilip Kumar Sahab was arguably the best actor Indian cinema has produced,

Born Yusuf Khan in December 1922 in Peshawar, he was the son of a fruit seller. He had no training in theatre or any inclination for the arts in his school or college days.

In a long career as an actor and producer, Dilip Kumar Sahab achieved a lot and was rewarded. He won many awards, all well deserved.

Dilip Kumar Sahab- ap ki yaadein humaray dillon mein rahein gi. Rest in Heaven.

جتنا جی چاہے پکارو پھر نہیں آیئں گے ہم