Different Facials Techniques For Every Skin Type

In some of our previous articles we provided our loyal readers with various facials tips and home made masks. But one thing that needs to be understood and discussed thoroughly is the frequency of facials.

How often should we have facials and apply masks?

The answer lies in the type of skin you have.

Yes, that’s true, every individual’s facial requirements vary, depending upon their skin type.


If you have an oily skin type, it means your skin produces more oil than usual. This oil spreads through out your face causing clogging of pores and eventually leading to pimples.

The best facials for oily skins are acne reduction facials or cleansing methods that thoroughly cleanse the skin leaving the pores open.

After cleaning up the skin

It is important to reduce the pore size by applying a toner or simply by icing.

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Fruit facials

This is also a great option since they are natural coolants and minimizes the pores to lessen oil production.

Since oily skin is more acne prone, it is advisable to keep long gaps between facials since too much scrubbing and rubbing can also cause acne breakouts.

Instead, simple and quick cleansing can be done on regular basis.

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With dry skin, it is important to apply a good moisturizer on regular basis to keep the skin from forming dry patches, eventually breaking out and causing inflammation.

The frequency of facials may vary from once to twice every month depending on how dry your skin is, drier the skin, less frequent facials.

Dry skins are more prone to wrinkles, therefore uplifting and hydrating facials are better recommended.

Get a good body butter to keep the rest of the body moisturized as well.

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This skin type contains a mix of oily and dry skin, making it a balanced skin. But that doesn’t mean that combo skin is free from acne and wrinkles.

Therefore, a balanced facial is needed to cater the needs of both the dry parts as well as the oily parts.

Depending on the need, the combo skin can take up facials twice every month and light cleansing every alternative day.

So here was our insight into the world of facials.

Hope this helps you select the right kind of facials at the right time. XOXO!


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