Catching Up with Sabina Munshi- Founder and CEO Of Baréskin SG

Baréskin Singapore is hands down our favourite Skincare brand here at the Blush Works HQ . From their Glacial Cleanser to their Facial Elixir- we are hooked.

We believe that true beauty comes from the confidence of being comfortable in your own skin.

Baréskin Singapore

We had a lovely chat with Sabina Munshi- founder of Baréskin Singapore and this is what she had to say-

Founder and CEO of Baréskin SG- Sabina Munshi

How are mornings at casa Sabina?

Of course it’s all glam and instagram-worthy…..NOT! Juggling motherhood, a day job and a start-up can get a tad bit crazy sometimes, but I promise you there is a method to this madness. I am a mum of 3 (14, 12 and 7) so you can imagine what our morning rush is like from a missing sock to last-minute homework to running out of milk for cereal! By 7:30 am each one of us has to be dressed, fed, packed and out of the house. My favourite time with the kids is the drive to school. It’s a time when I have their undivided attention and vice versa, it’s the best way to start the day for each of us.

What does a day in the life of a mum-preneur like you look like?

Once mommy duties are taken care of in the morning, the daily grind truly begins. My days are usually packed back to back with meetings, conference calls, photo-shoots, stocking vendors, influencer/media campaigns and team briefs. I derive energy and creativity from the people around me and thankfully so because the space I am in requires me to constantly be around people. 

I have a hard stop to my work day at 5pm and switch back to mommy-mode so that I can spend time with the kids and family which is what I crave the most after a long day. Someone once told me that in motherhood, the days are long but the years are very short, I didn’t get that at first but it is so very true! It makes me grateful for the time I have with my not-so-littles-ones. 

After the kids bedtime is when my night-owl skills from college come in handy. I chase deadlines, prep for the next day and make sure my team is on track for the rest of the week. It’s the time I get to make sure my ducks are in order and nothing slips through the cracks. The rest of the battles are left for the next day. I remind myself, there is always tomorrow!

Why do you refer to Baréskin as your passion project?

“Passion Project” is a buzzword that is here to stay and I am all for it! Taking the leap of faith on an idea that you are passionate about takes courage and utmost faith which is what I have for Baréskin. It started off as a dabble in skincare for just my benefit but grew to a proportion that I never imagined. It will very soon be my full time job but I will still refer to it as my “passion project” because it truly is driven by passion.

Sabina Munshi – Founder Baréskin SG

Why should I use Baréskin?

Efficacy is the core component of all our products. Each product and tool is tried and tested personally by me for over 6 months before it hits the shelves. This process slows down our new product releases which goes against any marketing guru’s advice but we are committed to releasing products that deliver what is promised. 

We encourage free trials and every platform that we have has a presence which is steeped in dialogue and communication with the customer and their feedback. We don’t shy away from feedback and are continually improving. Try it and you just might be hooked too!

“Dare To Wear Bare” is a refreshing slogan. What inspired it?

Edgy, don’t you think? It’s got spunk and a certain element of breaking free from social norms. In a world where beauty is drowning in makeup, filters and falsies in the pursuit of perfection, we wanted a realistic take on beauty. Beauty that nourishes your skin, embraces imperfections and empowers who you are. When you finally dare to wear bare, you tap into a side of you that is worth the journey.

Do you have a favourite product?

Well, it’s like asking a mother if she has a favourite child. But in all seriousness, my favourite product is about to be released very soon. It has been a gamechanger for me and I can’t wait for the Baréskin family to try it and fall in love with it. Wish I could say more but you will just have to wait and see!

Any advice for mum-preneurs who want to have it all?

Having it all is over rated and not worth the price you will have to pay. Priorities change as each phase in your life takes a turn, embrace it and be present in that moment. Once you are lucky enough to find what truly drives you and ignites that fire in your heart, don’t let it go. Persevere, work hard and stay consistent. Have razor focus on your end goal and be unapologetic about it. The rest will fall into place. I promise.