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Beauty Hacks for the Girl who loves Summer


I’m not quite sure about how many of us actually love the summer season, however I am still grateful for living at a place that has the sun out and blazing for the most part of the year – having said that, the heat can be a real bitch when it comes to skin care, beauty and makeup in general.

Be it protecting your skin from sunburn or protecting that hair colour you spent your money on,

Summer can feel like a constant beauty challenge

Luckily for you girls, we have rounded up some amazing beauty and makeup hacks that will guarantee you a fuss-free summer season, be it rain or shine.

#1. Bye-bye Foundation!

The mere mention of foundation sounds so heavy in this blazing heat! You want to look fresh, radiant and well hydrated especially when it’s 40 degrees outside. The solution? BB and CC creams of course!

Tinted moisturizers are also a smart choice. Replace your foundation with one of your favourite creams and use a highlighter for that enviable summer glow! Just make sure you are using products with SPF and if you’re fighting acne just ix a bit of benzoyl peroxide with your cream – Coverage and acne prevention, check.

#2. Dry Shampoo

We adore and worship dry shampoo for a plethora of reasons, and it is a girl’s best friend all year round – but during the summers, it is actually wiser to apply your dry shampoo and tweak your hair at night rather than in the morning. In this way, you are allowing the shampoo to work on your roots and absorb oil and sweat throughout the night. By giving it extra time to work its magic on your hair, you improve the result many folds. Wake up to beautiful oil-free locks in the morning!

#3. Aloe Vera Cubes

Wait, what?! Yes you heard us right! As much as we try to avoid getting roasted by the sun, there are just some days when you can’t avoid the wrath of those rays. What is the easiest way to soothe burned skin you ask? Chilled aloe vera. Fill up an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and pop it in your freezer. When you need to soothe your skin, just take a cube or two and enjoy the extra relief. The results are instant and awesome.

#4. Bandelettes

Let’s get real ladies. We all know and are victim to the fact that legs and thighs sweat like crazy in the summer. And when they sweat, sometimes they rub together and start chafing which results in very annoying and unsightly red marks – not to mention that they hurt like crazy. Say farewell to this atrocity by trying the sexiest solution yet; Bandelettes. Not only do they look gorgeous and sexy, they also serve the purpose of keeping your thighs like they are meant to be.

#5. Eyebrows and Eyeshades

Nothing is quite as disastrous as your eyebrows melting off of your face during the summer days! Avoid this brow-less situation by using waterproof eyeshadow base or lid primer on your brows before filling them in to perfection. This way the shape and colour won’t run off your face even when you sweat! And please give powder eyeshadows a break. Hop on to the creamy shadow bandwagon this summer for that effortless cool look. At the same time, cream based shadows are said to hold colour and texture for much longer on a hot day, compared to powder shadows.