Let’s face it, we all have makeup bags flowing with products and hardly use all of them. We got together with a few beauty bloggers and they shared what they think is absolutely necessary for your makeup bag. Before you get into the hardcore stuff, get your basics right! Here’s our final list. (Good luck with the organizing and cleaning!)

  1. Primer, if you want your skin to look smooth as a baby’s bottom you absolutely need a good primer. It minimizes the appearance of pores and holds makeup in place. Our favorite, The Benefit Porefessional primer.  
  2. Foundation, this is something everyone knows is essential for your makeup bag. Depending on the kind of coverage you’re looking for, there’s one for every skin type. Always select a foundation that also works as a sunscreen. Our favorite is the YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation(SPF 10)   
  3. Eyeshadow Palette, all you need is a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette. Something that will make your eyes pop! Plums and browns for dark skin, golds or grays medium skin tones and light apricot like colours for fair skin tones for everyday use. Try Shady Lady by The Balm Cosmetics.   
  4. Mascara, do we even need to say more? Every girl’s dream is to have Twiggy like eyelashes. Invest in a good clump free mascara. Curl your lashes and apply to coats of your favorite one. We love They’re Real By Benefit!  (Bonus tip: Try False Eyelashes and glam up with your favorite mascara) 
  5. Eyeliner; This is definitely one of the must haves for your makeup bag. Your makeup look can’t be complete without eyeliner (Unless you want people to think you’re sleep deprived) Our Current favorite is Schwing by The Balm Cosmetics.  
  6. Blush; a natural blush is a must for your makeup bag. The right shade will make you look like you’re actually blushing and not trying to look like Cruella De Ville. We love Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Celebrated.  
  7. Lip Colors; you have everything else (almost) but don’t ignore those sexy lips. Make your pout look even more amazing by adding a pop of color. Whether its lip gloss or lipstick, find the right shade for your skin tone and don’t be afraid to experiment.   
  8. Highlighter; a highlighter has many benefits, from lifting your cheekbones to slimming your nose, try natural tones and don’t go crazy with the products. Less is more *Wink* 
  9. Eyebrow products; whether you’re a pencil girl or a pomade girl, eyebrow products are just absolutely necessary for your makeup bag. And please give up on over tweezing your brows. Its all about going natural.(not like Bert from Sesame Street)  
  10. Makeup Brushes; invest in one good makeup brush set, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg but should be good quality. With the right makeup brushes, you can perform makeup miracles! We love BH cosmetics makeup brushes. Great quality and easy on the pocket.  

So there you have it, beauty must haves for your makeup bag. Share what’s inside yours, use the hashtag #tbwmakeupbag on Instagram and Twitter and stand the chance to get featured on The Blush Works. 

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