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7 Makeup Trends You Need To Know For Summer’ 17!


Summer 2017 is almost here so you don’t need any more excuses to give your beauty regime a new season refresh!

And ‘refresh’ is precisely word for what’s happening this summer, from dewy skin to metallic lips to holographic makeup.

Here’s our round-up of the trends to check out right now.

1. Dewy skin

This summer we’re all about glowy, luminous skins whilst keeping it hydrated. It’s all about creating a youthful dewy aura, keeping you radiant all summer long. Bluemarine models totally nailed it in Milan Fashion week!

2. No contours

Gone are the heavily contoured, sculpted Jenner faces everyone was sporting in 2016. In the summer days ahead of us, it’s all about keeping it fresh and au natural.

3. Natural eyebrows

We have totally given a break to the thick overdrawn eyebrows. A little unruly, a bit untamed and just filling in the gaps to give the face a softer look is what we are going for this summer.

4. Eye shadow/color under eyes

Not exactly a new trend but gaining much popularity this summer to make the color of your eyes pop up. Lower lids and glossy lips took centre stage with Shiatzy Chen and Fendi in Paris Fashion Week.

5. Metallic lips

Move over matte girls, it’s all about metallic lips this season! Beauty influencers like Pat McGrath and Huda Beauty, all have set up lines to bring out metallic lipsticks.

6. Holographic makeup

One stop product that serves many purposes! Models of Jill Stuart in New York fashion week created downright dreamy looks with funky salmon, icy blue and sparkly silver eye shadows. With festival season coming up, this trend will surely be seen everywhere with creative experimentations.

7. Glitter Strobing

Strobing was a trend that made it big in 2016, by using highlighter to contour your face instead of darker tones. To make this look even more festive, glitter strobing is the new fad quickly catching up as we can see innovatively done right in Coachella.