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30 “MUST KNOW” Beauty Tips!


As your style mentors, we’re always trying our best to present to you the most recent and most noteworthy hacks about beauty, trends and latest fashion. We consider doing a serious scrutiny and bring to you, the best of all makeup, beauty and style tips.


keeping in mind that the majority of the new information we bring you is essential, so too are the attempted and genuine beauty nuts and bolts we’ve figured out how to love and grasp the art of staying stylish throughout the years.

What are a portion of the least demanding and most helpful beauty tips out there? We’ve assembled a rundown of our main 30 bits of guidance. From managing ingrown hairs to keeping highlights in your hair, these chomps of information will help you manufacture a superior beauty establishment so you can put your best face forward all day, errday!


  • Eye Cream Is Great For Cuticles, Make it a hibit to apply it before sleeping and save teh money you spend on manicures!
  • Stop Your Hair Colour From Fading, offer yourself a deep conditioning once a month
  • Avoid Overly Rosy Cheeks, let it be all natural.
  • Give Curls Bounce, the tight ones are a little too old fashioned
  • Add Oomph To Cheekbones, apply the bronzer slightly under your cheeckbone.
  • Give Hair Lift! Stop Ironing, Start Blowdrying
  • Create Fuller Lips, apply the lip liner a little outside the edge. be careful though!
  • Throw your Flaky Mascara away, its way too old to use.
  • Dry Out Pimples, dont pop them.
  • Don’t Believe Beauty Labels, they are just hypnotists.
  • Banish Oil
  • Use Oil On Your Skin.. Even If It’s Already Oily. thats going to help your skin stay healthy!
  • You Can Use Exfoliator Daily. Make it a routine.
  • If You Have Greasy Hair Avoid applying conditioner directly to your hair’s roots
  • Clean Your Makeup Tools. Every weeek. MUST.
  • Remove Nail Polish Without Remover. Use the transparent top coat.
  • Change It Up. Everything that you have been keeping for a long time now.
  • Apply Bronzer Evenly. Dont mess up with it.
  • Hide Split Ends with Heavy Hair repair creams.
  • Lock It In. Bake your makeup and it will stay on for a longer time.
  • Find Your Shade. Dont use the ones your friends do.
  • Stop Taking Supplements. BE ALL NATURAL.
  • Using Eyeshadow Primer helps you keep your shade intact. NOTE THAT.
  • Apply Mascara To Fake Lashes. make them look like your own.
  • Clarify Your Hair with special shampoos to avoid dry scalp and dandruff
  • Cut Back On Pedicures! Simply scrub your foot with a pumice stone each morning in the shower.
  • Replace Old Products Regularly. You dont want to damage your skin do you?
  • Treat Ingrown Hairs! Apply a product containing azulene or witch hazel to help reduce the swelling and redness that’s associated with ingrown hairs.
  • Nix Post-Shaving Redness with warm water.
  • Soften Skin! Apply moisturizers everyday.