13 Cool Beauty Tools & Gadgets To Save Your Time in 2017

Beauty brands are raising their game and developing some of the sensational tools, gadgets and products we’ve ever seen. Let’s check out which ones will be outstanding in 2017…

A spinning lipstick tower to make choosing your daily shade an easy task

If you’ve got a huge collection of lipsticks that you never use or have just forgotten to check them out and you store them in boxes, setting them out in this shop-worthy spinning stand makes sure you can make choice of lipsticks more easily and show up yourself in different and classic lips every time – despite only having one pair of lips with same colour all the time. Plus, no more knocking around in the morning trying to look for that perfect red when you’re already running 15 minutes late.


A self-adhesive eyeliner guide to make your feline flick perfect

If you’re not a one in a million who knows to wear eyeliner in the morning meticulously then it may be a total mess. Checking out if it’s even, with clean and smooth lines sounds certainly impossible, especially when you’re exhausted. This invention by Beauty Blender gets stick to your face with a little heat, and serves as a guide for your liquid liner.


BeautyBlender Liner Designer Pro, £14,

A 2-in-1 makeup brush drying stand and cleaning device

We’re all used to leave our brush untidy and messy. This stand makes the whole experience a little more thrilling. The middle section is coated and textured so you can clean brushes against it, while the top and bottom attachments permit you to dry brushes in a neat and clean fashion.


Sigma Beauty Dry’n’Shape Spa, £24,

A towelling hairband for drying hair

It may seem quite simple, but a towelling hairband will a.) It pushes you back while washing your face and keeps your locks dry b.) Make you feel like you’re at a sauna.

hair-towelheadbandAquis Lisse Luxe Headband, £15,

A ring to keep your nail polish bottle in while painting your nails

We’ve all experienced this situation: you’re painting your nails and you try harder to look for an even surface to put your polish bottle on. This easy-to-use device can be worn as a ring with the polish inserted effortlessly inside.


Tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish and Varnish Holder, £14.95,

A makeup removing towel

This is a slothful girl’s dream. All you have to do is add water, and this unique towel will wipe out all traces of makeup. Smart? We sure think so.


Makeup Eraser The Original Makeup Eraser, £15.75,

A double-lined shower cap that will keep your hair completely dry

Some shower caps are so delicate and thin that hair either droops or just can’t fit in in the very first place. This usually results in wet hair. eSalon’s double-lined cap has a heavy layer of plastic along with a layer of towelling to make sure a whole barrier.


eSalon Style Saving Shower Cap, £9,

A makeup mistake removing pen

This is especially suitable for eyeliner mistakes. This pen erases any kind of makeup mistake, which is especially beneficial for those blurred-eyed mornings.


Prestige Cosmetics Make Up Eraser Pen, £8.49,

A top coat that will make your nail polish matte

Imagine this: you’ve found the most perfect and your desired nail polish shade, but it’s extremely shiny and right now you’re dying for matte nail paint. This is the point where O.P.I’s top coat makes its entry…


O.P.I Top Coat, £12.50,

A formula that makes your foundation darker if you’ve used the wrong shade

This is really easy-to-use for an entire load of situations. Take the varying seasons, for instance: most of us need a little darker base while the summer goes on. And sometimes, we may buy a foundation wondering it’s the flawless shade and see when we get home in entirely different lighting it’s a touch very light. The Body Shop’s drops resolve this and really work.


The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops, £10, t

A formula that makes your foundation lighter if you’ve used the wrong shade

And of course for your good sake, there’s a lightening version, too!

A super high tech mirror

You might wonder ‘how smart can a mirror really be?!’ Well, we are here to tell you. This mirror may be costly, but it has motion-activated lights, can serve as a morning alarm to wake you up, and has alterable sides so you can see your look from all sides and angles. Ok so it might not be a ‘need’, but it’s surely a ‘want’.


Simple human Wide View Sensor Mirror, £299,

A device that helps you to wear your false lashes

Weird looking application of falsies? Ardell’s production, which seems like a pair of tweezers, makes the whole process a lot easier. Apply glue and pick the lashes up with the help of this device before placing tightly on. Easy!


Ardell Dual Lash Applicator, £5.49,