10 Signs You’re a Makeup Artist

By Naima Zahin

This one is for all the makeup artists and enthusiasts. I bet each one of you can relate!

  1. You’re always late for family events because your sister wants you to do her makeup for that upcoming family wedding, so does your cousin, and your Aunt and that friend you see once a year (You can’t even remember her name). The more, the merrier. Cousins!
  2. This is what your hands look like most of the time. Okay, all the time.lipstick shades
  3. All your drawers are filled with makeup! But even then, when you go to Sephora, you spend $$$ because you want that limited edition set because its so pretty and that new mascara everyone’s raving about! makeup kits
  4. Seeing someone wearing the wrong color of foundation makes you wanna take them to the nearest makeup store. Super Makeup Artist to the rescue. 😳 makeup artist
  5. Cleaning makeup brushes is something you look forward to. Let’s give those brushes some much needed TLC! makeup brushes
  6. Your makeup bag keeps getting bigger each month. You can’t live without any of those products. Even that lipgloss set you hardly use. makeup bag and products
  7. Admit it, Seeing other makeup artists’ work can be intimidating sometimes …Woah! How did she do THAT?makeover
  8. You own a lot of untouched, unused (unpacked) makeup. (But you buy more anyway!) Because why the hell not?makeup products
  9. You learned more from YouTube than makeup school. True Story.
  10. When people see you without makeup, the first thing they ask you is “Are you unwell?” Thanks for the compliment! Haha!makeup5

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